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Use Case

If you are building a tooling for web3 public goods

#Algorithms, #NFT, #Social


KNN3 Network integrate Mail3 graph database, which provides Web3 users with more optional features and a personal feed.

#Algorithms, #Social


KNN3 provided a graphql interface for you to query a number of users based on your relation search. It is interesting to see how those addresses returned by the query are related to you. - Harry, Founder of Shorum

#Algorithms, #Social


Adressinsight used KNN3 Network to make up the Interface layer and Analysis Layer to accomplish the stack.

#Algorithms, #NFT, #Social


KNN3 provides a powerful yet easy-to-use service; The best part is that the recommendation algorithm is pluggable, and new recommendation methods can be used in the future as the project develops, or as the user prefers. - Suneal, Founder of MetaMail


Algorithms Registry

With KNN3 easy-to-use graph database and open algorithms, AM has established an open platform that allows users to choose algorithms independently. - AR

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