KNN3 Network

A Topological Data Solution for Web3 Builders to Discover In-depth Relationships among Multi-blockchain.



"Relationship creates meanings"

KNN3 Network provides a permissionless & composable relational data solution with seamless synchronization from live blockchains and web3 social d/Apps.

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Building Data as Web3 Public Facility

~ Fred Wilson

“It all comes down to the database that sits behind an application. … If, on the other hand, the database is an open public database that is not controlled and administered by a single company, but instead is a truly open system available to all, then that kind of market power cannot be built up around a data asset.” 


Web3 Social d/App Build Block

Backed by live blockchain data

If you are a web3 d/App builder, you can retrieve any web3 users’ relationships with KNN3 GraphQL API seamlessly. KNN3 graph is constructed by a variety of user behavior connectors, these connectors interpret the in-depth relationships among web3 users. these relationships are fully backed by web3 users' live on-chain activities.

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Trustless Graph Query Component

Composable & Permissionless

KNN3 also provides a pluggable graph query component for any analytics platform to be integrated permissionless. it allows analysts to mix query KNN3 relational data and other SQL data seamlessly. Moreover, analysts can build & train the ML/AI algorithms and share insights on top of that.

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