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Web3 User-centric

DataFi solution

for d/Apps and smart contracts

What is KNN3?
KNN3 Network is a one-stop Web3 User-centric DataFi solution for d/Apps and smart contracts. KNN3 allows d/Apps & smart contracts to interact with cross-platform user-centric data in multiple algo-friendly ways.

Our Technology


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With $2․4M Fundraising in Seed Round, KNN3 Network Races to Provide a Multi-Chain Relationship Aggregating Protocol for d/App and Smart Contract

PRESS RELEASE. Web3 relationship aggregator KNN3 Network announced it had raised $2.4M in a seed round led by HashGlobal and Liang Xinjun, former co-founder of Fosun International. Mask Network, MetaWeb Venture, Eniac Venture, Tess Venture, Stratified Capital, Fundamental lab, Incuba Alpha, Zeuth Venture, Cogitent Venture, Atlas Capital; Impossible Finance, RSS3, ShowMe and Yan Xin & Potter Li, ETHsign’s co-founders also took part in the round. KNN3 Network will utilize the $2.4M funding for protocol development and product market-fit.

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creates meanings

KNN3 Network provides graph solutions for web3 multiverse relational aggregation to empower Social d/App and AI analytics. KNN3 aims to become a community-driven data curation protocol to enable on-chain data collaboration.

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Social d/App
Build Block

Backed by
live blockchain data

KNN3 Network collects a variety of relations through users’ historical behaviors and status, which is fully backed by live blockchains.

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Graph Query Component

Composable &

As a web3 analyst, you can fulfill structural query & relational queries in one place. KNN3 provides SQL-style graph query components for any SQL-compatible BI/analytics platform to integrate the current query service.

Moreover, algo. developers can build & train the AI/ML algorithm with Graph Computing

Environment Solutions.

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Abstract Futuristic Background

Data Curation

DCP (Data Collaboration Proposals) Initiative is an “EIPs” style public facility for web3 data collaboration. KNN3 Network is an one-stop-place to populate your data schemas to web3 community.

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Abstract Lines


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dynamic verifiable credentials

DVC is verifiable on-chain behaviors
synced from live blockchain 


Multi-dimension relationships
ready to use

POAP, NFTs, RSS3, ENS, Twitter and more


Permissionless building block
for Web3 d/App

Permanently open and free

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2023.04.12 - 2023.04.15

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Data Provider

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