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Crafting Next-gen Web3 World with AI

AI-Enabled Web3

Innovative Ecosystem

Build Next-gen
Product Agilely

Grow Next-gen Business Smartly

Grow Next-gen Business Smartly

AI-Enabled Web3

Innovative Ecosystem

Build Next-gen
Product Agilely

Transforming Digital Horizons: Your Gateway to AI-Driven Web3 Solutions

KNN3 Network, at the forefront of Web3 and AI, is revolutionizing the digital landscape by seamlessly blending technologies like big data, cloud solutions, and AI to accelerate the widespread adoption of Web3, offering an innovative suite of products designed for developers, enhancing Web3 business strategies, and enriching the experience of retail users.

The Story of KNN3 Network

KNN3 Product Stack

Foster the Build and Growth of Next-Gen

Web3 x AI Products and Businesses

Grow Next-gen Business Smartly


Bring Web3 knowledge and products

to a broader audience

An Entrance for Web3 Newcomers: Offering intuitive learning and knowledge search Experience

A Bridge Connecting Web3 Protocols and Global users: Unifying diverse information sources and Web3 Protocols, reducing entry barriers for a wider audience

Build Next-gen Product Agilely


An Web3-Native AI Agents Hub: Facilitating Easy Development of Next-Gen Features to Elevate Products in the Web3 Economy.


Innovation Community


Revolutionize AGI Creation liquidity with Web3 Tech


Reshape reputation with

diverse experience & AGI boosting


Unveiling the Hidden Connections in Web3 World

A Web3 multidimensional relationship explorer: makes entities & relationships in KNN3's Knowledge Graph accessible


A Decentralized Credit Scoring Platform: Manage social reputation, track social engagement, and monetize content


A web3 AGI prompt marketplace: Discover, learn, create, buy & sell Prompt


Cloud Solution

Serverless architecture of offer data-as-a-service

Services listed in major cloud marketplace


Knowledge Graph

Rich Data Sources: include on-chan and off-data, up-to-date industry information

Extensive Industry Entity Relationships: provide deep insights into how different entities are interrelated

Blockchain Technologies

Smart contract development and deployment

Cross-chain interaction and integration

Protocol integrations

Artificial intelligence

Text and Image Generation with Large Language Models

Intelligent Recommendation and Marketing with Algorithms

KNN3 Technical Specs


Working With the Best Partners

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